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Psychometric Properties of the Turkish Version of the Ego-Resiliency Scale (ER-TR): Reliability and Validity Evidence from Turkish Earthquake Survivors

Özlem Karaırmak


In the present study, the psychometric properties of the Ego-Resiliency Scale were examined. Two different samples were utilized. First, a total of 363 earthquake survivors and 496 undergraduate students participated the study. In order to provide evidence of construct validity both confirmatory factor and exploratory factor analyses were conducted on the ego-resiliency scores. Forty seven percent of the total variance was explained by three factors. Confirmatory factory analyses provides supplementary evidence for the multidimensionality of the scale. The Turkish version of the Ego-Resiliency scale is a valid and reliable measure to use in quantifying resilience.


Resilience, ego-resiliency, earthquake survivors, natural disasters

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